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2003 Crossroads was actually quite fabulous. But totally wasted on a 5pm audience. It should have gone out at night for the after pub audience. I wonder if it will ever see the light of day on another channel ever?

I recall the final scene at the supermarket, where it is implied that the series was merely the daydream of a checkout operator - though I’ve never been sure exactly how much of the show was supposed to be the “dream” - the entire 2003 series, or part of it? This is confused by the fact someone in the supermarket points out an actress from Crossroads in the shop (who I think was only in that 2003 series).. so did any of it really happen or what?

The "actress from Crossroads" in that skit was in both incarnations of the show, 2001 and 2003. That implies to me that the only the 2003 incarnation was a dream. Which considering how surreal things often were in that version probably overall makes sense.
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Why was certain itv stations so determined in getring rid of the soaps. It was bad enough trying to fill the slots with half decent programmes.. If Carlton hated it, there could have moved to daytime.

Probably because they were making an increasing number of slots unavailable for the regional companies to pitch for. Great having a soap if you make it, not so great if you don't reap all the benefits.
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Which proven in pages before isn't true, since other stations had to fill slots up with imports. Wink
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On the question of whether a new soap now could ever be successful, I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years there isn't some form of a Corrie or Emmerdale spin-off for ITV2.

Given that these soaps have reached saturation point on main ITV, there can surely be nowhere else to go in terms of adding episodes. But ITV seem to want to milk these properties for all their worth.

So maybe in the future we'll see a younger skewing 'Hotten' (Emmerdale) or 'M10' (Corrie) spin off in the future for ITV2?
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The problem is Eastenders, Corrie and Emmerdale really cover the same ground. So there's no room for another soap. Another soap would have to bring something new to the table and it would need to have a forgiving channel to ignore the first few years of viewing figures before it builds up its fan base.

The only thing I could think of is an interactive soap where if for example someone goes to prison you decide whether they get out of prison or get kept in prison which means they actually have to leave the soap. Like a reality/soap hybrid. But not sure how viable it would be to achieve.

It would need a heck of a lot of planning to avoid spoilers ahead of time.
That not a very good example.
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Well, while we are discussing anything bar Emmerdale in this thread, Emmerdale discussions are taking place in the Corrie thread!

So, leading on from the “Hotten International Airport” comments in the other thread: Where is the village of Emmerdale supposed to be located, in relation to real towns and cities? I’ve seen North Yorkshire on prop envelopes, and a fictional SK postcode (presumably Skipdale, which is odd as it’s smaller than Hotten). Bradford buses have been seen calling at the village during the Esholt years. The “Dales” are a good distance from the Leeds/Bradford conurbation.
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Didn't the dingles run a bus service once... I sure thier stole the tyre of the main operator..
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During the plane crash, Alan Turner suggests that if the plane "had taken off from Leeds-Bradford, it would still be ascending."

The Dingles bus service was 1997 IIRC.
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