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Only one Emmerdale episode next Monday as well, thanks to the rest of the schedule being shifted back half an hour because of a feature length Downton Abbey.

As much as I am a great fan of Downton Abbey and look forward to the movie very soon; it is a great shame we are seeing episodes of Emmerdale reduced.

I know we do well with 10 episodes a week but we will suddenly fall behind this very quick schedule if this continues.

I would imagine the plane crash storyline will now be in December if not later looking how the schedule is going.

I have enjoyed watching but I don’t like schedule mis match where episodes are reduced or not shown at all.

It's only losing episodes to show the odd extended Downton Abbey isn't it - otherwise it remains at two per day I think. That said I think every premiere and closing ep of Downton was 90 minutes, which in itself annoyed me as generally thought they could get two episodes out of their 90 minute eps so they might as well have.

You are right; it was each Season Opener and Closer which usually lasted 90-95 minutes. I am a great fan of Downton Abbey and was one of the millions watching those extended episodes. I suppose in a few weeks it will all be over and then back to 10 episodes a week.

Just a shame Emmerdale is being cut that's all.

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We've lost Emmerdale to Downton and Coronation Street to horse racing. Have they had breaks for these programmes since the Corrie repeats started in 2017 apart from Christmas?
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