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Clampdown on Betting Advertising Launched

(February 2018)

DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Regulator launches ban on adverts that entice problem gamblers
Ads that encourage betting during live events or offer ‘free’ bets and bonuses will be banned

Adverts such as Ray Winstone’s appearances for Bet365 urging people to bet during live matches will be banned from the beginning of April.

Ray Winstone’s days urging punters to “bet in play ... now!” during live matches are over as the advertising regulator has introduced a ban on ads that appeal to problem gamblers.

The two bodies that set the code UK advertisers must abide by – the Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice – have announced a crackdown on ads that “exploit people’s vulnerabilities or play fast and loose with eye-catching free bet and bonus offers”.

Top of the list is a ban on ads that “create an inappropriate sense of urgency, like those including ‘bet now!’ offers during live events”.

This will mean the end of so-called “in-play” betting offers calling on viewers to gamble as they watch a live event, of which Winstone is the most well-known proponent as the face of the online gambling company Bet365.

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dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
Good. Sick of seeing the same ads over and over again when watching live sport.
Tennis on telly | Hello, good evening, and remain indoors.
james-2001 Central (East) East Midlands Today
"this article has been taken down as it breached an embargo"
Brekkie Recently warned Wales Wales Today
No surprise - they went from pretty much a total ban on gambling ads to a free for all. I think it's fine to promote the brand but agree any ad acting as a call to action should be banned, along with any giving specific odds.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.

24 days later

A former member
Well this also affect Sky sport news?

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