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CITV Gas Street cut-outs

Where are they now?

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One thing people also forget is Steve Ryde didn't do the last few months of out of vision- as he was actually in charge by then. There was a woman who did it instead... I think she did those first few months of out-of-vision Sundays after the re-introduction of in vision.
DJ Dave
I seem to remember the Sunday morning CITV slot continued out of vision for a few months after the introduction of presenters, though I could be misremembering.

I think you’re right, around the time they were showing Men in Black, etc. They added in vision from the autumn at the latest and usually used the weekend Ident that preceded SM:TV Live for the first 12 months, but didn’t use the spiked variant of the logo elsewhere during the morning. I was a big fan of the September 1998 idents and stings, just a shame that they only lasted 12 months. The Christmas ident and music are particularly a strong memory for me, as seen here in this clip from Christmas Day morning:

The Ident was the only one reused from 1999 onwards and edited with the blue background in December 1999.

Yeah I remember that Christmas ident and Christmas Jingle, it was very nice.

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