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The real shame is that the BBC especially haven't got the strength in depth to actually offer something different year in year out. It used to be a real achievement for a comedy to get a Christmas special but now the BBC air so few they're almost guaranteed one after their first series.

I do just wish the BBC would spread their hits out a bit more - my issue is with Strictly, Doctor Who and Call the Midwife all airing on the same night every year, and then often the days after being somewhat sparse for content. Taking at least one out of the Christmas Day schedule would improve things both on Christmas Day and on one of the following days too, although over the last couple of years it's a comedy to anchor the later evening schedule which they are really missing.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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I say this as a Doctor Who fan but I think it should probably go without a Christmas special for one year.
So you want no Doctor Who AT ALL in 2016? Some fan you are! You do realise that series 10 is probably airing in early 2017, not late 2016? Otherwise it would be in pre-production already, and we'd probably know who the new companion will be. They're months away from that.