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ITV to air daytime shows on Christmas Day

Steve Williams
It was my understanding that they didn't have time to film a series due to touring commitments. So, that being the case, how come they still manage to find the time to film 6 one-hour episodes of All Round To Mrs Brown's each year?

It's not the filming that's the problem, it's writing it - which is less of a problem with All Round To Mrs Brown's because much of it is improvised.

One of the reasons Les Dawson took over Blankety Blank in the eighties is because his wife was ill and he didn't want to spend ages writing, rehearsing and recording a comedy show as he had been doing, being away from home all the time. With Blankety Blank he could film two shows in a day, ad-libbing his way through it. He didn't have to use up all his material either.
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PFML84 UTV Newsline
Speaking of Blankety Blank, I see it is returning for a Christmas special on BBC ONE hosted by Bradley Walsh.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Johnr posted:
It always seemed odd to have it in the episode rather than as a piece for Comic Relief / Children In Need

The BBC being involved in the Make Poverty History campaign wasn't that unusual considering the links to Comic Relief, but I think the reason they got in trouble was that it wasn't a fundraising endeavor but I think campaigning for signatures to put pressure on governments.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
JasonB London London
Interestingly iPlayer classes the seasonal specials of The Vicar of Dibley as “series 3”
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Speaking of Blankety Blank, I see it is returning for a Christmas special on BBC ONE hosted by Bradley Walsh.

ITV had a crack at it a few years ago with David Williams which didn’t do particularly well.

I don’t see Bradley being a totally suitable fit for Blankety Blank, I think it won’t bring the best out of him. I see him being more of a Generation Game host I think.
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Gluben Anglia (East) Look East
I don't get the hatred for Back and Forth. Likewise saw it at the Dome, and I'd never seen an episode of Blackadder before, and I really enjoyed it, probably for the time travel element, but it's also funny too. It's a shame the rumoured 5th series seems unlikely to ever happen. Sad

I don't hate it as such. It's a perfectly decent, funny episode and it actually got me into the show when I was very young and visited the Dome in 2000. It's more that it was a missed opportunity to do a full-blown movie, without overt sponsorship from the likes of Tesco and Sky. Plus John Lloyd wasn't involved. Jem Roberts wrote the most detailed book on Blackadder that explains this; well worth a read.
The 2004 and 2005 specials of The Vicar of Dibley are weak compared to the other episodes and thankfully they made up for it with the specials in 2006 and 2007.
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