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Brekkie32,029 posts since 4 Jan 2003
HTV Wales Wales Today
Without doubt - Magical one of their best Christmas idents ever. I hope they add to the collection in the years ahead.

Sky One probably the best of the rest - not really been that much to shout about really.
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mr_vivian1,077 posts since 11 Oct 2015
UTV Newsline
Am I right in thinking that ITV actually stopped using their Christmas idents a few days ago and have reverted to the current normal ones?

I have rewinded James Bond to the start and they used a fireworks ident so I'd call that a New Year's ident rather than a normal one.

I'm pretty sure itv was using a Christmas ident earlier today before the chase.
tomo359972 posts since 18 Oct 2009
Border (England)
As well as the christmas idents, ITV use a few of the winter idents mixed in such as the Brass Band one and the Log Fire one. I love the fire ident, its nice and relaxing, but I hate the brass band one, its the music on it I really don't like.