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This isn't really the relevant place for it, but I'm unsure if people have seen this before, the proposed BBC Three 2016 Christmas Ident: https://vimeo.com/206066404

Obviously the channel closed down long before Christmas, but it was nice to see that Christmas presentation was part of their rebrand planning, unlike ITV2.

I do find it weird they had made this ident, especially with how BBC Three was out the door in a month or so. Either that or this was when the BBC were still planning out when they wanted BBC Three to close, and this was unfortunately unused because of how early in the year BBC Three was shut.
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Well it was weird they revamped BBC3's presentation a month or so before the channel closed. I still don't realy get where they were going with that and the subsequent CBBC revamp - it was as if they were planning on rolling out a new logo type across the channels but abandoned it after two.
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Looking back on iPlayer there was nothing on CBBC in the last few junctions.

They're probably going to be doing it on Monday as that's when the next live-pres day. It will probably be the same as last year; same idents but with "Christmas" added.
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