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Christmas Greetings

chinamug UTV Newsline
Merry Christmas to one and all. Many thanks to those that run TV Forum. Normally it's something that delays my progress on work and projects, especially when there are new and not so new European news titles to see on the Youtube thread. But this year it's provided something stable when times were a lot tougher than normal.
Larry the Loafer Granada North West Today
Happy Christmas, Denis Nord- uh, I mean TV Forum.
Roger Darthwell London London
First time writing this, since I joined this wonderful community only a few months ago, but may I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone on TVForum!
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Be nice to each other.
Merry Christmas to everyone
..."at the first sign of danger my pussy's hairs stand on end" Betty Slocombe 27/05/1975
JetixFann450 Central Reporting Scotland
I've been in this community for quite a while and although I've enjoyed the many threads here over the course of the year, especially with also the mocks being made by talented mockers, I hope next year will allow us to talk about more than just lockdown programming and speculation. I can't predict that this is what will happen, but for gods sake can we just have a less dull year?

Merry Christmas and to all a happy new year.
Do you even read these?
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PFML84 UTV Newsline
Happy Christmas to all at TVF. Let's look forward to a much better 2021. Smile

Times are tough but we have to remain strong and hope that 2021 is the year we finally get to put the great scourge that has been a part of our lives for longer than we care to remember. If we remain strong, we can finally, and hopefully, bid a final farewell to ... Oneness. Wink
Willz Central Reporting Scotland
Merry Christmas to everyone in VT... I mean TV Forum!
It’s underrated
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DavidWhitfield Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
How ever things look now, better days are coming.
Remember that as we go into Christmas, especially if you're currently in one of the unluckiest geographic regions.
Enjoy tomorrow, and avoid social media and live news output for a virus-free day. Give yourself a break - after nine months, you deserve it.
Be kind to others, but without neglecting yourselves.
My very warmest wishes to you all.
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Guess who's big in the back time!
rob Founding member Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
Whatever you are doing this Christmas, have a good one, and stay safe.

Much love.
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James Vertigan Founding member West Country (West) Spotlight
Happy Christmas to all TVForumers and to those working to keep programmes on air over this festive period. We all know it won’t quite be the same this year, but fingers crossed 2021 will be a better year for us all.
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James Vertigan Founding member West Country (West) Spotlight
Willz posted:
Merry Christmas to everyone in VT... I mean TV Forum!

And Denis Norden. 😉
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Ballyboy Recently warned UTV Newsline
Merry Xmas to everyone at tvforum

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