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Christmas Greetings

VMPhil Granada North West Today
I know this year has been extremely ****, and that this Christmas will be very different and more isolated for everyone, but I would still like to offer my usual Christmas greetings to all contributors of TV Forum, especially our admin and moderators, and those who work to bring us our Christmas telly.

Discussing the minutiae of television presentation, idents, title sequences, theme tunes, ridiculously minor things that only we notice, has helped keep me sane a lot during this completely messed up year, so thank you.

Wishing everyone a hopefully much better 2021. Smile
JasonB London London
I’ve enjoyed the discussion on here this past few months during lonely times due to various lockdowns. I even voiced opinions on stuff i usually keep quiet about.

Anyway, wishing all of TV forums members a Merry Christmas and a better 2021! 😀
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London Lite Founding member London London
Merry Christmas to everyone on TVF.
Jacq Wales Wales Today
I’ve enjoyed the discussion on here this past few months during lonely times due to various lockdowns. I even voiced opinions on stuff i usually keep quiet about.

Anyway, wishing all of TV forums members a Merry Christmas and a better 2021! 😀

I kept to mainly reading threads, because I don't really know anything about this stuff, it's a fairly new interest for me, but yes, I've thoroughly enjoyed a lot of the discussions, too!

Merry Christmas!
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natwel27 Meridian (South East) South East Today
Merry Christmas everyone. Here's hoping for a new year that sees the end of both Covid and Oneness (if only) and hope everyone out there stays as safe and happy as they possibly can be in these gruelling times.
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BBI45 Central (East) East Midlands Today
I'd like to start on a positive note by wishing everybody here a merry Christmas and a happy new year. As has already been said by others, all the discussions here have kept me smiling during what has been a bit of a s*** year.

Onto a more serious point though, this Christmas is going to be tough for many people. As some here will know, I have been battling some mental health issues for the past year (inc. pre-COVID), and no doubt others will be in the same boat. As such, I'd like to repeat some advice that I gave out following the tragic death of Caroline Flack. Although this advice was originally intended for anybody experiencing feeling of depression or considering suicide, it's applicable to anybody who is struggling at all with their mental health.

If you feel like you are struggling with your mental health, the best thing you can do is speak to somebody in any way you can. It could be a family member, a trusted friend, your GP, a colleague, or even somebody on here. If you don't feel like speaking, then communicating through text works just as well. It might not be easy to start that discussion, or it might feel like any efforts are futile, but trust me when I say that once you start talking, it really does help.

Alternatively, there are many charities out there who will also be offering support at this time. The biggest one is the Samaritans who are available whenever you might need them. You can call them for free at any time on 116 123, or send an e-mail to Other charities offering support can be found on the NHS and Mind websites. If you find yourself having a mental health crisis, contact your local NHS mental health helpline, or call 111. Finally, if you feel like your life is in danger, don't be afraid to call 999.

I hope that nobody feels the need to use this advice, but given what we're all facing this year, I feel it's a good time to repeat it just in case. I'll be around my laptop for most of the next few days, so if you feel like talking to me about any issues you have, feel free to send me a message and I'll be happy to listen and give whatever advice or comfort I can.

It's always difficult to put together a nice ending for a message like this, so I've decided to share a song which I've always gone to whenever I've felt at my worse. That song is You Are Not Alone by Emeli Sandé.

Have a safe and merry Christmas, and don't suffer in silence.
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Hatton Cross Central (West) Midlands Today
Merry Christmas, VT
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Merry Christmas one and all. Here's for a better 2021.

Hopefully you're all alright and like BBI45 said, please do speak to someone if not as there are people that care. I certainly care about everyone here and my messages are always open! Smile
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fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Thank you once more for a wonderful year of discussion, the community on here has been needed more than ever.

It will be a different one this year, but I hope that you can enjoy it in the best way that you can, with it being a very peaceful Christmas for one and all. 🎄
Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
A very Merry Christmas too and I’d certainly echo the sentiments above. It will be a tough one for many this year.

Thank you to everyone who has posted or visited - what a year! And of course to Bail and Charlie Wells for their invaluable help keeping the place going.

I spare a thought to playout directors today who probably believed they were going to have a fairly routine schedule!
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
I think VMPhil summed it up nicely. Been the toughest year many of us will know, and I think the news last weekend was very hard to take for many people - an incredibly difficult end to a difficult year.

Merry Christmas to the good folk here, of which there are many. I also want to echo the thanks to those in the industry who have kept TV going this year, especially those who have delivered the non-news content which has proven to be just as essential as keeping us informed at times of national and international crisis.
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FanOfTV99 Granada North West Today
Like a bright man once said in a christmas sweater in Lapland "Merry Christmas Everyone".

I can't wait to see what 2021 has instore for TV Fourm and the world. Thank you all for another amazing year on this fourm.
Stay Safe.

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