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As we enter the day of goodwill to all people and animals, can I just wish everyone a Merry Xmas.

As VMPhil said, we dont all agree, all the time and we all have different views and opinions on this forum but that what makes this place great, you need some divisive view or it would be rather boring.

I hope we all don't take what others say to heart and we should remember the context in which stuff is postaged, because when passions are high the heat can raise, but of course that just prove most people on here do care about Television presentation.

So here's to 2018 and another 12 months of bricking, discussions, disagreements and full blown praise Very Happy
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Merry Christmas all!
Thanks too to my MCR colleagues who've been successfully paid off with festive snack food so that we can fulfill our contractual obligation to keep a chair warm, despite there being no bookings (nor chance of any last-minute ones) for most of the day. Back to work on Boxing Day for me!
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Merry Christmas to all of you lovelies here on TV Forum.

Thank you for another year of wonderful and sometimes strange discussions that keep us all coming back to this wonderful world.

From a presentation point it's not been a great year; the presentation this Christmas has turned things around a little for us, and given us all a glimmer of hope to see what's possible. Let's see what 2018 brings!

Look after yourselves, get plenty of rest where possible, fill your face on food, soak in the box sets whilst munching through a box of chocolates, and most importantly have fun with friends, family and all other loved ones around you.

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