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Not a Christmas advert but I see the Deliveroo advert has been banned due to being misleading, as it suggested you can order from umpteen restaurants all in one go and get it all delivered together.

At least Karen won’t have to worry about those Carbs anymore.

Assuming she has already gone to Marbs a long time ago.
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Just seen Edgar with a set of headphones on and a tagline "Show them how much you care", which seems the sort of tagline the ASA will ban the ad for in three months time.
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Bit disapointed the "Leafy Blinders" Aldi build-up commercial didn't seem to come to anything, or if it did, I totally missed it. Bar a sprout briefly at the end of one of the other adverts anyway. We had that first advert, followed by a seemingly totally unconnected Greatest Showman inspired campaign, and a Robbie Williams cameo.

Edit: A quick google shows there was an advert that bridged the two campaigns, but somehow I managed to never actually see it on TV, it presumably can't have been aired much.
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