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Granada North West Today
Going back to the Slade video that gets played on the music channels - look what I found in a recent Guardian interview with the man himself.

What was your funniest performance?

We did lots of TV in Europe where we’d be on with a juggler or a camel. We did one in the 80s when Merry Xmas Everybody went big again; it gets shown again every Christmas. Me and Don [Powell, drums] had been drinking for hours, and were blasted. There’s snow coming down and Don decides to play it like a heavy metal drummer, playing all these drum rolls like Animal off the Muppets. A total shambles, but great telly.


I always wondered about that video. I haven't seen it used for a while, but it used to bug me every time I saw it because of how appalling the drums were, and how nobody seemed to care. Now I know they were drunk, it suddenly makes sense.