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Granada North West Today
Yes - and I'm pretty sure when I've seen it this year, it hasn't been overdubbed.

It's only overdubbed on the Bauer/4-music channels, MTV leave the original soundtrack on. The Bauer/4-music/Emap channels have also always cropped it to cut off the scrolling banner at the beginning (even back to the early 00s when they were still broadcasting in 4:3).

The MTV channels have always had a bit more respect for the videos, and in recent years I've noticed they've now started showing full length versions (such as Proper Christmas, the Shakin' Stevens video) where previously they would be cut to the beginning and end of the song - which is what the Bauer channels do.

When they switched to widescreen I feared that everything would automatically be cropped to 16:9, but I've noticed that on videos that were letterboxed already, they've cropped those to 16:9 (such as Last Christmas) but full frame 4:3 videos are cropped to a compromise 14:9. Would be nice if they just showed them in the original aspect ratio, of course, but 14:9 is better than a straight 16:9 crop at least.

EDIT: Apparently 'C r i m b o' is on the swear filter?
VMPhil8,885 posts since 31 Mar 2005
Granada North West Today
Yeah, as in the song 'Proper Cr*mbo' - the swear filter changed it to Proper Christmas.

I've just noticed that my wording makes it look as if I'm talking about a Shakin' Stevens video called Proper Christmas, I'm talking about separate things!