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This is probably a first but I saw a new RTE2 ad for Top Gear with Chris Evans a short time ago on RTE One HD. It looks to me that RTE have secured exclusive Republic of Ireland rights to screen the new series which will begin on 29th May.

I saw the ad while RTE One HD was on an ad break during the Irish Open from the K Club.
bkman1990649 posts since 29 Jan 2012
UTV Newsline
Yeah; I agree it is a mystery because RTE could have the issue of adverts being used during the show while it also shown on BBC Two.

It does seem pointless that in Ireland in that most viewers having the situation in watching the show on nearly every TV service available in the country with access to both channels without any issue. Although it's not the situation for those who only have Saorview or Saorsat only as their main TV reception who are stuck with the Irish channels. It benefits them in not getting access to any BBC stations from they where live in the country if they have difficulties in accessing TV from Sky, Freesat, Virgin or Eir.

It's like the odd deal of showing Irish rights of the BBC Music Awards on RTE2 showing it simultaneously with BBC One all over again.

Also would it be a case for Irish interest in the series because Eddie Jordan is one of the new series co-presenters?
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Since the newly relaunched Top Gear starts tonight, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to create a new thread to discuss it, and bring this one to a close. I suggest this, since it is usually the norm on here with other major TV relaunches to start afresh in time for the actual relaunch, and this thread has mainly been about the build-up to the new series and how Chris Evans was given the hosting job.

Also, this thread was split from the one about Clarkson thumping one of the TG producers and getting the boot for it as a result.

I'm guessing there will also likely be a new thread for "The Grand Tour" when that begins on Amazon later in the year.
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