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Children's drawings during weather forecasts

Who's still doing them? (February 2012)

London Lite Founding member London London
It appears that the submission of kids drawings have become less and less with the much easier scenic weather pictures being used by the majority of regional bulletins these days.

Is there any other region bar Channel who still use drawings for the end of their forecasts?
itsrobert Founding member Granada North West Today
I know Granada used to do that back in the day. One of my drawings was featured in 1991! I think I have a VHS recording of it somewhere that my parents did. Don't know of any regions that still do that, apart from showing viewer photographs.
BBC Wales Today, usually around Xmas / winter, but they also feature viewers' photographs too.
James Vertigan Founding member West Country (West) Spotlight
UTV have birthday announcements after the evening weather on UTV Live usually with photos of the child(ren). I know they used to have the puppets Busker & Barney read out birthdays earlier in the day but don't know if they still do that - I think the only other region announcing viewers birthdays is Channel TV with Oscar Puffin, but that's restricted to just weekends now.

I know BBC Spotlight used to show children's drawings in the Craig Rich era and I think David Braine continued this in his early days but they don't do this now, I think they occasionally have viewers weather related photos.
A former member
STV has them Razz
amosc100 Granada North West Today
Granada brought them back for a while when Fred had his garden shed on the rooftop garden, about 18 months ago but have sadly disappeared again.
ITVGranada/BBC North West/C4/C5/NPO1,2,3/RTL4,5,7,8/SBS 6, Net 5,Veronica, SBS9
Macalolo London London
I believe Channel Report does.

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