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Actually they're Guernsey cows, not Jersey ones.

Even better it shows there.care about all the channel islands
Jonny3,980 posts since 27 Nov 2006
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I don't understand why the still call themselves ITV1 Channel Television - it sounds silly. ITV1 Channel Islands would be better, surely?

Is it not because it's stating the name of the (still independent for now) franchisee, not the area, a la Westcountry as opposed to West Country?

They did experiment with just being Channel post-CTV era but when everything consolidated to solely ITV1, "ITV1 Channel" read even worse.

As far as cheap idents go, the 2004 local celebrity one takes some beating. Love that they didn't overlay the sidebar to the left of Oscar Puffin but actually squeezed his frame to fit!
Andrew Wood3,762 posts since 30 Mar 2001
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Possible? No doubt. Worthwhile? Not sure.

Channel doesn't seem to have wanted to distance itself from ITV1 in the same way as STV and UTV have over the past years and has been content to take the sustaining ITV1 feed and its presentation.

Righty, Channel asserts its presence at the start of the ITV1 day and before its local output - just as the regions used to do in say the celebrity ITV1 idents era. Does it need to elsewhere?
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Remember the ITV takeover hasn't taken effect yet. What we're seeing are the final days of Channel as an independent station, albeit one that was closely aligned with ITV1 unlike STV or UTV.

I'll bet the regional idents in the key junctions will be gone within 6 months of the takeover becoming effective. Except, perhaps, if one gets used at 1800 before the local news.