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Channel Television was the only ITV franchise that kept broadcasting throughout the strike that blacked out the rest of the network. I know that there was an agreement by the broadcasting trade unions not to down tools for concerns it would destroy the station. What did it broadcast?
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Another example here from later in the strike - I believe the Channel management went over to the mainland and filled up a van with reels of film from other ITV companies.

And an interview with a retired member of Channel staff who was there during the strike

Write that down in your copybook now.
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Ne1L C1,390 posts since 11 Sep 2011
So looks like instead of the usual 10 minute bulletin they had an hour long bulletin at 6pm which must have been a big ask.

Wow! That must have a real test of their endurance. I'm amazed and quite humbled that they were able to provide what looked to be quite a considerable schedule.
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I wonder what they filled it with, surely there can't be an hour's worth of news on the channel islands. Unless they threw in some national news & sport too.

The listings above say it included national news and "another look back with more from Channel's film archives".

They did incredibly well, kind of puts the pathetic efforts of present day local TV into perspective. I’d be interested to see how the audience ratings fared against BBC 1 and 2 ?
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If I remember correctly, Channel TV sent someone to London with a van, to collect videos and films from Thames TV and/or LWT, and brought these copies back to the Channel Islands, so they could broadcast them. In addition, every day, someone from the news department was sent in a car to the most northerly point on Jersey, from what I can remember reading, and they would use their car radio to pick up the radio signals from the mainland. They would then note down the main national and international news stories, and would later, return to the Channel TV studios, and the copy that they wrote down would form the basis for the national and international news.

The strike does lead me to ask this question; what happened with regards to advertising? In 1979, Channel took a dirty feed from Westward, and the latter showed the national adverts, such as for Saab cars, levis jeans, with Channel opting out only to screen local advertising. What sort of advertising did Channel show during the strike? Did they only screen adverts for local firms, or were ads for larger firms shown as well?
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