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For Christmas they could have each segment as a different colour that changes every few seconds like Christmas tree lights do.

Simple enough, wouldn't take much work to modify the current idents and it ties in with their current look/theme.
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They're not particularly exciting - if you're doing a pure CGI animation around a logo then the options are endless (<cough> Central) so it's a shame it's just differing colours.

That said, infinitely better than the previous package. Hopefully this is the era of just letting a decent logo shout your brand.
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A lovely reminder of when the graphic idents were better than the standard ones (imo); these new ones have followed a similar pattern being a lot better for the channel brand than the previous. Everyone is speculating about Christmas, but remember that they didn’t do Christmas variations of the previous package.

I like the new ones and hope that it is a start to these idents with some different animations to come, maybe inspired by some of the previous break bumper animations.
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There appears to be a little 'quirk' with the way the DOG behaves since this rebrand.

If you are a regular Neighbours viewer of the 5:30 episode, for a far back as I can remember, in part 2 of the episode every day, about a minute or so in, C5 always have an onscreen caption promoting another programme on later that evening.

Now before the rebrand, the caption would flash up, bottom left onscreen for about 10 seconds, but now what happens is the DOG fades out, the onscreen caption fades onto the bottom left, the caption disappears after 10 seconds or so but the DOG does not come back?...so now we have 12 or so minutes of Neighbours DOG free.

I suspect this is more of an error with the playout of Channel 5, rather than done intentionally?
But how could such a simple change of graphics package cause such an issue with the DOG leaving the screen. No issues with the previous DOG's behaviour onscreen!