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Such an unnecessary and minor re-brand. What's the point. They don't appear to have updated 5USA, 5Select or 5Spike.

Yeah, 5Spike can keep the logo, just use the current branding used by the Netherlands.

The branding uses mainly black, white and yellow so I could see 5Spike adopting this at some point.

The branding appears at the end of this video btw.
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The 5 now appears to have been filled in whereas it is just an outline on all the other channels. I imagine they will all get this new filled in version of the logo at some point with or without rebrands. I think 5 USAs look is fantastic. It would be a shame to see it go if it wasn’t being replaced by something that was just as good.

I doubt we will ever get them for some time, if ever, but they really could do with launching 5 USA and 5 STAR HD channels.
Sh1ruba438 posts since 13 Jan 2019
Central (West) Midlands Today
That Spike endboard reminds me of a certain branding...


The new branding was done by Dutch agency Cape Rock and it looks very dynamic

Here's a promo for the new look introduced last year

Honestly, 5Spike would look more modern and slick if they got Cape Rock's branding for the Dutch version of Spike
Also the font used is called Cuitadella but the stretchy letters for the titles is a custom-made version of Cuitadella made exclusively for Spike Benelux
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Do we know who made the new look?
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New 5 star.
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This was Paxman’s idea and title, he emailed it in to Ben Frow and it was commissioned pretty much straight away.

This is their third political documentary they've done this year as well.

The last one was a 2 part series called "Portillo: The Trouble with the Tories", and the first one was "Naughty: The Life and Loves of Boris Johnson".

They all seem to have a similar tabloid style to them, and are typical Channel 5 shows.

Absolute nonsense. The Portillo documentary was on a par with one he had made previously for BBC Four in terms of style.