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Skip to 1:20 to see why generic announcements never work.

The same goes here for TCC:
Both saying "back tomorrow", when they're not. Since that is only a problem when channels close down, I'd hardly call this an example of them never working.

In TCC’s case, however, that wasn’t technically true; there was a cut down version initially (and later the Nordic feed) on some cable systems due to contractual obligations.
Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West
A few months ago (or maybe last year was it)

As we are less than 3 full weeks into the current year, "a few months ago" would inherently be last year.
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I notice that Channel 5 is repeating "All New Shocking Moments in Pop" for the umpteenth time this evening.

I'm surprised they can get away with repeating old programmes like this and still include "New" in the name.
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Probably the one time they should actually change the name of a show.

They did. The last time it was shown, which was also a repeat, it was listed as "All New Most Shocking Moments in Pop 3"
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Would be interesting to know the ratings for each repeat - surely there is a limited audience in the first place for such shows which diminishes with every repeat. Now when you see it in the schedules you instantly assume it's a repeat rather than another edition (with the clips which weren't shocking enough first time around!)
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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I wonder whether someone could answer this query which I have been wondering about for a while.

I watch quite a lot of 5USA, and have noticed that on trailers their logo appears with what I can only describe as 'artifacts' on the end screen (see example below). They are not simulated 'lens flare' or 'film effect', so I am unsure as to their purpose.

They never appear on break-bumpers, which are clean of this.