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Frustrating that someone did the right thing and started a new thread for a "significant development" only for a mod to merge it.

That said I thought C5 had already got the licence but just not made use of it.
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They say themselves on their website that they intend to be on Freesat and Freeview when possible. They have now moved to their own transponder space so Sky do not have any more of a hand in the running of the channel. Once the contract expires they can and are believed to be going FTA and it will surely join Freesat at that time. They have re-applied and received a Freeview broadcasting licence, so once space and a certain EPG number become available, I'm sure they will be joining Freeview as well. About time too.
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They could benefit from the new Freeview rules and get a fairly high channel number. Wouldn't surprise me if they chose to put C5HD on 5 and bump the SD equivalent down the EPG along with all of their other channels.

They won't bump the SD version down the EPG, but if the Freeview platform is clever enough to place
the HD version on LCN 5 on HD equipped receivers, then that would be a step forward. (But I don't think it is ?)

Many Freeview TVs, particularly HD ones, allow you to re order the LCNs anyway, I've had the HD versions of all the channels on their 'SD' LCNs for yonks (and BBC News HD on LCN 8 ),