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Jaskers198320 posts since 9 Feb 2016
Granada North West Today
They are showing morcambe and wise live

That's a good trick in 2016, considering that Eric & Ernie died in 1984 and 1999 respectively...

It's a stage show which was recorded live as previously posted in 1973.

Would the 'live' part refer to a stage show, though saying that were stage shows recorded back then as they are today?

Yes this was quite rare back then.
Inspector Sands11,185 posts since 25 Aug 2004
Yes, back then entertainers would often have a stage act that they never did on TV. They could perform it for years without having to do anything new, they'd never do it on TV because once it had been on telly it was dead material.

So there was no real need to film a stage show, there were no video sales back then.

This, I assume, is their concert at the Fairfield Hall, Croydon?
Steve Williams2,066 posts since 1 Aug 2008
It's a live stage show from 1973, the only one ever filmed apparently. Scheduled at 10.35pm though which I'd have thought is missing much of the target audience.

Given this is about the fourth time they've shown it, I don't think that's a problem.
ashley b1,520 posts since 29 Mar 2001
Granada North West Today
Channel 5 have started to go Christmassy, with their trailers at least. No Christmas ident yet as far as I can see, but in recent years they have not usually launched Christmas idents until a little later in December., having been known in their early years to launch Christmas idents on 1st December.