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UTV Newsline
As their idents don't feature their logo, I'm not sure if we will see some tweak of it for Christmas, but new break bumpers with lights surrounding it or each segment made up of popular Christmas items (tinsel/lights/baubles etc) could be a good idea.

Programme wise, they never have usually anything big on over Christmas and have a habit of repeating other channels big Christmas fare from decades ago, so I wonder if that will continue or if Viacom are going to make them try a bit harder this year.
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They are showing morcambe and wise live plus a documentary about the pair.

Xmas day films include on the town, an American in Paris, wizard of oz, Scrooge, Dallas buyers club and singing in the rain.

Also west side story, seven brides for seven brothers, jack and the beanstalk, the borrowers, dirty dancing to name but a few are being shown over the season.

Lip sync battle has a Christmas special as does Chris tarrent with a festive edition of his train show.

Chas and Daves Xmas knees up is being shown again, the Peter Kay story, the graham norton story and yes there's plenty of countdown clip shows.
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What if anything are we expecting ident and programmewise following channel 5 new idents and what is on the channels as well please.

I imagine the ident will feature those who star in many of their benefit programmes standing outside the job centre singing Christmas carols. They'll have to declare any earnings for that work after wards though!
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