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Channel 5 +24 to launch

Split from Channel 5 (January 2014)

AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
5* +1 have a rather large strap along the bottom of the screen detailing the change.
JK08 Granada North West Today
It appears that 5+25 has launched. Currently it's teleshopping until 'Holiday Cruise Club' at 6.
watchingtv Anglia (East) Look East

Explains the difference between Freeview schedule & Satellite.

Satellite offering extra programming during the day to, as someone posted, meet the quote for General Entertainment EPG slot on SKY.
My contribution is small but you are welcome.
ashley b Founding member Granada North West Today
Well, it has it's own ident at least, based on the standard Channel 5 ident...

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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
No expense spent there.
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