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Channel 4 up for sale?

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No surprise that this has come up again - it does every few years and John Whittingdale has raised the prospect before of selling C4, and now he is back heading up DCMS he has done so again.

If it fell into the right hands a bit of distance from the government wouldn't be a bad thing - arguably being a PSB has harmed it more than helped it in recent years, though I think the TV landscape probably benefits from it being a PSB. I also think it's a business model that works - yes, every decade or so it looks like they might struggle to balance the books but on the whole keeping the money made by C4 within C4 keeps it strong. The trouble of course is the government of the day get nothing from it unless they sell it - though in the grand scheme of what has been spent in recent months a sale would barely bring in anything.
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As commented on Twitter this afternoon, Whittingdale has been saying the same for years at the same venue. Expect this to ruffle feathers for a week or so and then calm down.

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