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Brekkie28,055 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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I do think the time was probably right for that ident set to be retired but sadly what replaced it was no match for them. The concept isn't a bad one but the execution doesn't match it - if we had a full set more in line with the waterfall and mining idents it could work, but at the moment they've got two half decent idents in a set of four - and that's not good enough.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
bilky asko4,796 posts since 9 Sep 2006
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Idents still look rubbish though - and even if they were good to go this long with just 4 variations (plus the clock) seems pretty poor form nowadays.

Don't forget the Simpsons Specific ident.

In any case, I still like the idents and the presentation - there's no mass confusion over the non-formed logo (unlike the +1 ITV clock issue), and I don't think they've lost viewers over it. The music used in the idents stick in my head, and they're unmistakeably Channel 4 to me.
VMPhil8,193 posts since 31 Mar 2005
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Don't forget the clock as well!

I still love the idents and presentation. My favourite is the 'Detonation' one. Would be nice to get a few more additions and I can't imagine that's too far off now.

I personally did not like the previous package as much as the 1999 set and I believe this set, particularly the surrounding presentation, is superior and much more Channel 4-ish. Idents featuring abstract logos (ITV) or even completely logoless (Channel 4 and Channel 5) are evidently the trend right now, yet they still manage to convey what channel you're watching. Certainly think it's more exciting in the world of idents that it was say 5 years ago.
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I agree the previous look was brilliant, and they could have easily continued it with a few new additions to the idents to keep it fresh. I never got sick of those idents, yet these now I was sick of after a month.

The trailers/end boards look great...but the idents are rubbish. Nicely shot films that don't lead to anything. Not a fan and it goes on my Ident hate list alongside 'random film with a logo slapped over it' idents.