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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I agree brekkie. Possibly because they're colours seen in the original form of the logo.

As they did the bare minimum to celebrate Christmas over the decade (though the eventual snowman ident was lovely) do we have hopes for anything this year?
I'd personally prefer animated idents like the stings, though the blocks in an ice cave would be different.

They will reuse last years with the current look shoehorned in, Easy enough to break part a 4 logo.
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Channel 4 smoking... from 31 years ago


Whoa! I thought that tobacco advertising has always been banned in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. (In the U.S, the FCC banned it in 1971.)

Cigarette advertising on UK TV was banned in 1965. Cigar advertising
on TV did indeed last longer, finally being banned in 1991.

Just wondering, what was the justification for banning one but not the other?