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As far as I can tell there was no visible problem during the programme with the audio or video, and it went into a normal ad break around 8.30, but after the break this announcement was made (before and after included for context)

Technical issue? Legal issue? Programme not finished before broadcast? Someone spilled coffee over the tape machine?
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I don't know how C4 cope with multi part delivered shows in the brave new world of File Delivery. Could be that the parts that played were OK - but a problem became apparent with the part that was about to be played (i.e. a technical difficulty)?
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Reading through some Twitter comments, it seems that the programme was broadcast without the voiceover when it was meant to have one.

I wasn't watching the programme so correct me if this information is incorrect.

EDIT: The All4 version has a voiceover.
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Isnt all non live content, needed to be viewed behide him just to make sure its "safe"

I wish you'd view your comments to make sure they're "safe"

My first thought, going by the nature of the programme, was that part 2 included something about Pete Burns that they suddenly realised was inappropriate
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Interesting, just watching back my recording on +1 and there are no subtitles where a narrator should be, so if that's true seemingly nobody noticed the error until literally when it was being broadcast.

Were the rest of the subtitles live style or pre-prepared?

They were pre-prepared. There have been instances in which subtitles show things that were cut before broadcast so that's why I wanted to check if the subtitles for the narration were there, but they were not.