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E4 and More4 also have the same "Stay at Home" graphic. Unsure if 4Music or 4seven has it since Sky doesn't exactly have the channels on Sky Go but Film4 definitely doesn't have the graphic on-screen. Sky has the feeds with DOGs while All4 only has the feeds DOG-less.
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Of course, Channel 4, E4, More4 and 4seven are played out in the same way, whereas it will be up to Box Plus to add the message to 4Music, which it's perfectly possible to do as they have a promotitle that they can add on 4Music, in addition to the other Box channels
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Great that Channel 4 is doing this, but from a purely pres point of view (and I accept in the grand scale of things this doesn’t matter at all), it’s really going to annoy me that ‘Stay at Home’ doesn’t align with ‘HD’.
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Small fry compared to everything else going on, but as of today The Simpsons is available to stream on All 4. Only about five episodes currently. Assume that with the Disney+ launch and the trade off with Sky to get the show on, this could be C4s reward for not kicking up a stink.
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For some reason, the 'Stay at Home' text on More4+1 appears to be brighter than the text on C4/E4/More 4 SD. Anyone else agree?

Also, In my opinion, on 4Seven SD, the text appears to be rather soft...almost slightly blury compared to C4/E4/More4 SD.

All looks good on Channel 4 HD/4Seven HD.