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The quotes system doesn’t seem to be working for me but in response to Brekkie re Junior Bake Off:
I’m sure I read somewhere that it’s an 8pm show. I expect they’ll split the run into separate chunks like they do with Crystal Maze as I think the kids version is stand alone episodes like the celeb specials.

I don’t think it’s been mentioned on here really but C4 are currently having a real crisis of faith within the TV industry. Ian Katz has not been well received at all and Kelly Webb Lamb is being crucified by anonymous commenters on the Broadcast website. It has been a really uninspired year of programmes on C4 and they've been getting a lot of awful ratings for quite expensive but uninteresting shows. Alex Mahon who is the ultimate head of the channel has been criticised for sticking with Katz who was a wildcard hire and has proven to be completely out of his depth. Rumours are circulating that Ben Frow has given his year’s notice in at C5 and may well end up taking over at C4.

Here’s some Broadcast comments about a big upfront event C4 held last night for advertisers:

“I've just got back from the C4 upfronts and it was one of the most underwhelming upfronts I have ever been to. Zero new content, and no content to get excited about at all. Katz, as usual, was excruciatingly bad and had not one big announcement. All the sales teams had their heads in their hands when he was speaking, saying it was the worst C4 upfronts they could remember. C4 is now a laughing stock - creatively and commercially. Katz and Webb Lamb have to go immediately or else the damage will be terminal. Such a depressing night.”

“it was a night that should have sent alarm bells ringing through the whole of C4 and the whole of the industry. I sat through the whole event in a state of amazement - how a major channel like C4 could have so little to announce at a major upfronts is beyond my experience. And the things that were announced were either versions of shows already announced or small, marginal shows. I have never seen anything like it. It's such a terrible thing for the industry as a whole for C4 to be this weak, this lacking in creativity and energy. Not one show announced to get advertisers excited - and they were saying so openly during Katz's speech. SOCI is already through the floor so this should have been the night to boost confidence, not to kill it completely. It's now up to Mahon now - either she listens to every single indie, every single piece of talent, every single advertiser and she removes Katz and Kelly - or she allows C4 to be terminally and fatally wounded and that will be her legacy. The whole industry is now questioning Mahon's ability to even do this job any more. It was her decision to appoint Katz and Kelly. Now is the time to prove that she can save C4 from more damage.”
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The last thing C4 needs is Ben Frow!

It is a bit flat now. How has The Virtues rated - worthy but hardly an enjoyable watch, however great Stephen Graham is. The rest of the schedule is made up mainly of returning shows, arguably many of which don't need to return so often. I think Celebrity Googlebox as a series is a real mistake too - it really worked once a year getting celebs that you'd never normally see touch reality TV, but now it's been turned into a six-part series you've got Rylan doing it.

Am looking forward to Catch 22 though - they've been trailing it as coming soon for ages though and despite it being released in the US in mid-May still no sign of it here. Nowadays you really can't delay airing US series for that long.
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Ben Frow killed C5’s biggest show Big Brother, for the simple fact that he personally didn’t like the programme. The ratings of slots BB would usually air have tanked and the channels 16-30 demographic which was strong because of the show is now non existent. I think he is terrible and shouldn’t be allowed to manage any channel.
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Maybe twitter is not the most reliable source but I remember seeing quite a few tweets stating this. Ben Frow also stated he wanted to make the channel more “classy” and commission more “original content”, yet he commissions shows like “Who Needs A Man When You Can Get A Spray Tan” which was axed after a couple of episodes and the rest of the series was never shown. He also commissioned “The Bachelor UK” and a revival of “10 Years Younger” the man is a complete hypocrite if anything.
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Not often a VT clock makes it to air but there was one briefly before the F1 qualifying highlights Saturday just gone, and it's also on demand (after the Bose sponsorship) https://www.channel4.com/programmes/formula-1/on-demand/69609-013

I'm guessing the highlights programme was played in live to C4.

For whatever reason it didn't show me the clock in the Android app - but F1 highlights on C4 (and on occasion even in the BBC days) have been a late edit played down the line from an edit facility in Ealing.