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I quite like it, When I saw the ident I did think about it being a progress bar, It's also nice to see the new corporate versions of Horseferry and Chadwick being used... they're titled 4 Headline and 4 Text and are exactly the same except the numbers are now the same height as capital letters (see spoiler) 4 Text is what was rolled out to E4 and More4 in September, and is what the show endboard's are written in.

Where did you get the 4 Text font from?

It’s included in the Programme Management Endboard Kit Of Parts, which also includes a guide and resources to creating an endboard, available to download here... https://www.channel4.com/commissioning/production-information/programme-management
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"Channel Four moved to tapeless programme delivery on October 1st 2014"

Was anyone still delivering programmes on videotape at that point?

Yes, most broadcasters still used tape delivery, it was around that point that they started migrating to tapeless. Playout has been from server for many years, but delivering programmes (which are often very large MXF files) was quite challenging until high speed internet connectivity (specificially upload) became more common. Plus playout servers usually only have enough space for a couple days worth of programming, and they have terrabytes of storage, so until more recently is was cheaper to store programming not being played out on tape.
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"Channel Four moved to tapeless programme delivery on October 1st 2014"

Was anyone still delivering programmes on videotape at that point?

Yes - all the major UK broadcasters were still HD Cam SR (HD) or DigiBeta (SD) tape for master delivery at that point. File based delivery only arrived with the DPP AS11 standard - which was kickstarted by the Japanese Tsunami knocking out the main HD Cam SR tape factory/ies, causing a world-wide SR shortage (The BBC started rationing stock and allowed recycled tape to be used for archiving)
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I think BT Sport was also a big proponent of DPP - because when they built their studios in 2013, there was no way they were going to be anything but tapeless. (There are a couple of HDCam decks in the building for the occasional bit of archive material that shows up.)
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Back on the topic of All 4's rebrand, I'm still seething that a lot of 4:3 content on the smart app is still stretched and cropped, so you lose the sides of the picture while also having to put up with stretchyvision. Then again, even though the icon for it in Now TV is the new logo, the interface still carries the old branding. Whether an update is incoming that fixes this remains to be seen.
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My sister saw the logo change on roku, she asked me what the colours meant, I explained, she replied that show would never have picked up in that but she at least recognises that it’s the Channel 4 logo. It makes you wonder what the point of it all is when the 4 logo alone could have worked for them.
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