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fanoftv8,111 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today

The set looks very much the same as before, though the windows looks a bit unnatural when they shoot them from wide angles.

Yes - the view and window-pane lead-light grid look to be all part of a PBU at the same depth.

The cowboy and hearts lights behind the main table seemed different. They used to be neon lights but now appear to be the same shapes cut out of the panel and prelit. It does appear to be mostly the same set, not surprising as they only updated it last year. Some of the angles seemed different and as though they had more room to play with, which of course they most probably have.
Like This Morning they've moved to TVC and taken their backdrop but also mentioned the move, I suppose that it's cheaper to take the current set and replicate a backdrop than it is to change for the sake of moving into a new studio.
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Granada North West Today
Good purchase. I have to say in my ignorance I thought Rick and Morty was a Netflix show as that's where I watch it.

Like Breaking Bad it’s had more of a home on Netflix in the UK than it has on the channels it’s been on such as Comedy Central, FOX and TruTV. Good they’ve got the rights for All4 too.

Season 4 is definitely included with the deal, not sure if it’s for Episode 41 onwards or not. If it does well for Channel 4/E4 then they’d be stupid not to renew the deal. Might be a bit more late night competition with ITV2 in the future here.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
It does feel weird seeing how Adult Swim hasn't really had a proper home in a few years now. Turner's other brands, like Cartoon Network, TCM and CNN have been recognized more than AS has.

I guess it's just because Adult Swim isn't really much of a channel as it could be. (CNX was a good idea, but mixing the child and adult audiences under one channels was probably not a good idea, especially considering Cartoon Network was a kids channel and everything else was for adults.)
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