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Any excuse to bring up this ad again... Embarassed Wink

"Channel 5! The channel that brings you England goals!" -- Jonathan Pearce, 31 May 1997

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Let's hope the picture quality is 1080p as the current All 4 quality of (seemingly) 240p is bloody awful.

Yes - All4 is unwatchable on a decent sized TV screen. Whilst almost every other broadcaster streaming service hits at least 720p - All4 is still stuck at sub-SD quality.

Hopefully the new Channel 4/Sky deal (which tied into C4 getting F1 highlights from Sky, in return for Sky getting more C4 on-demand content) means that Sky viewers will get all the All4 content (currently you only get content that has had a linear broadcast) in 1080i. This is particularly important for 'Walter Presents' stuff where often only the first episode gets a linear outing.
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My biggest gripe with All4, and I bring this up at any opportunity I can during the Core4 surveys, is that native 4:3 content is both stretched and cropped, so you're left with a big chunk of the picture missing, and what's left is deformed. It's so disappointing because it spoils the otherwise amazing back catalogue that they have.
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Channel 4 has gone all purple with their idents today to mark 'PurpleLightUp', celebrating the contribution people with disabilities make to the economy and the workplace in their usual way by including a hashtag onscreen, although this time over dedicated idents.


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There is a "P" Adverts about this Campaign, airing right now, I dare say it will appear this evening,