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The show ran over at the end, with the final Sell or Swap decision being made over the credits. I'd imagine the plan was to go back to the guy who offered the swap on Skype. No one seemed to inform Noel though and the show ended without any goodbye from him
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Shame Channel 4 has had to succumb to "don't phone if you're watching on +1/Demand" verbal messages - those used to be limited to the straps only.

That's pretty standard now and on a show like this understandable. It's when they do it on shows where the lines will still be open during the +1 era and a good chunk of the on demand window (like the ITV comps) where it's annoying - giving a closing date/time should be sufficient.

Anyway I only lasted just past the first ad break on this. It was all a bit of a mess and all it did was highlight that in an alternative universe Noel would be working for Bid TV now.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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Think there's some misunderstanding here. If you read the original post back, the author was simply making the point that the diner was the same location used, and that it was nice to see it in that context. I don't think there was a suggestion that it was filmed at the same time or anything like that, simply that the location was the same and that nice 'coincidence' that it is used in different Channel 4 Television idents.

Thanks. Yes it was merely that I noticed the same location used by both channels for their idents. Never thought they were made by the same company or at the same time. Just noticed that I said ident instead of location, my bad.