LoveTV!!677 posts since 15 Oct 2003
I'm surpirised no one has mentioned that today was the first day of adverts on ABC1.
They have a couple of their own first then the proper ads and then back into the programme.
I like the breakflashes inbetween each ad (like five do), althugh I haven't seen the "comedy" one, only the blue "drama" one because I'm watching General Hospital (which for some reason they class as drama!).
So, what does everone think of they way they do them, I really like them. Its nice hearing the tune to let you know that your back.

Brekkie33,017 posts since 4 Jan 2003
They've been incorporate quite well - but I think would slot in better if the ads were after the titles then at the mid-point - possibley keeping the third break for just a "Next" trailer.

Also, something I've been meaning to post for ages. I've never caught more than glimpses of it and the regular trailers on ABC1 - but is there ever any reference to a hospital in General Hospital?
JasonB5,210 posts since 20 Sep 2003
Noticed Goofy on ABC 1 just before Home Improvement at 4pm this afternoon, im guessing they finished Moonlighting a bit early and needed time to fill? or will we be seeing more disney cartoon's soon?.