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I wonder if they’ll get any Sale of the Century in the schedule in memory of Parsons? They often seemed to do that whenever the host of a gameshow they’ve shown had died- but with all their inactivity on social media etc, I think Challenge is sadly nearing the end.

They might only have their own version that Keith Chegwin did in 1997, and they didn't show that I believe when he died either.

The big table on Wiki suggests Challenge haven't shown Parsons Sale of The Century since 2005, but I don't know what they were showing, probably some of the late 70s or early 80s? I don't think they have anything else that Parsons presented.
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From memory it was a small selection of episodes first shown during the 'Christmas Cult Selection' season in 2002, which made occasional appearances over the next couple of years.
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I suspect the rights just got more expensive. Didn't Just a Minute gave a short TV run too?

It had several TV versions. The BBC did a couple of pilots which didn't go anywhere

Carlton did 2 series of Just a Minute in the 1990s, the first shown in London only and then when they took over Central it had a format change to become London v Midlands. With Tony Slattery and Dale Winton as regular team captains.

Then the BBC did it as a daytime series in 1999 and then a series at tea time in 2012.

The latter was the most authentic version, it was essentially just the radio show on TV. Carlton's version had a few format changes as well as the teams, one round was about an object which of course meant that there was no subject to repeat which I thought was quite a clever idea.
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