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I wonder that one of the reasons Sky does not invest much in Challenge anymore is because pre-watershed entertainment commissions do not fit the in house Sky pay channels image. There has been a dearth of these commissions on Sky One lately. Ten years ago they had Gladiators, Don't Forget The Lyrics, Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old and Got to Dance.
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The Weakest Link returns to the channel from mid-September. Maybe it is part of the deal Sky signed with BBC Studios that would see UKTV taking over Challenge.
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Seeing as the post's from Akinbola, don't expect it to actually be returning to the channel at all.

The Weakest Link IS coming back to Challenge, I saw a promo for it earlier today.

Ahh, right, I'd just assumed it was part of Akinbola's fevered imagination along with Sky selling Challenge to UKTV. Which most definitely isn't happening.
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