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Not quite understanding Challenge's editing policy today. Decided to stick Family Fortunes on and it's an episode presumably from around the turn of the millennium. The title sequence was halved, all of the contestant introductions were cut... But they've left in a bit where Les and one of the families start singing a Rolf Harris song.

They're Virgin edits. Family Fortunes suffered a lot from this as did the entire run of Paul Daniels Wipeout and random Bullseye episodes (typically Series 11 and later).

For whatever reason they can't or won't get the unedited prints/files. Maybe Virgin just edited them and Sky after the buyout didn't get (or can't find) the original files and it's probably not cost effective to get new ones just to replace five minutes of programme.
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In an episode I watched recently (it was the brown set so I'm assuming that was late 80's?) one of the contestants gave the answer of "Jimmy Saville" to Name a popular Irish entertainer. Surprised it wasn't cut, though it was quickly moved on from. I imagine if Les did an impression or made a joke that would have been cut.