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London Man31 posts since 25 Jan 2017
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I noticed that Challenge's game show library on Sky Box Sets has been cut dramatically. Not surprisingly given the way Challenge has been run over the last 18 months with older and rarer game show output cut back, although some haven't gone out of licence yet. It reminds me of The Box cutting the playlist library from 500 videos when Emap took over.

Since the Facebook team changes, the channel has been reduced to just being a barker channel for Sky's pay services.

I expect Sky (under the full Fox ownership) would have a rapid rethink of the not so important channels. I hope Challenge doesn't goes.
Larry the Loafer4,436 posts since 2 Jul 2005
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It'd be a shame to see it go because it has absolutely no competition. Even after over 20 years of broadcasting, there still isn't a channel like it. I hope it's simply a matter of seeing it change hands. Without sounding too much like Akinbola, I'd quite like to see what'd happen to it under UKTV's control. I'm assuming they'll have better access to the BBC's archives than Sky do.
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noggin12,339 posts since 26 Jun 2001
Looks like stretchyvision is back on Challenge Sad

They appear to now no be longer broadcasting 4:3 stuff pillarboxed but instead forcing it to fill a 16:9 frame.

It was only a month since they started pillarboxing.

If this is an SD outlet - are they not using MPEG2 header switching? (Sky HD boxes ignore this on anything but Auto mode, and I hear Sky Q boxes ignore it entirely?)
Neil Jones3,678 posts since 23 Dec 2001
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Sometimes I think Strike It Lucky/Rich strived to set records for the longest Part One of a half hour show, with a 20/21 minute segment becoming pretty much the norm after a while. Of course it probably balances out as I remember the remake of Take Your Pick had a very short first part.