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Hatton Cross2,540 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
Don't worry, its Challenge, not the BBC.

If they find out, the Daily Mail will only run a front page splash for 1 day instead of 12 consecutive days if it was shown on the BBC...
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Neil Jones4,024 posts since 23 Dec 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
Speaking of the Daily Mail, they have a story today that claims former Countdown presenter Richard Whiteley was an undercover MI5 agent - according to Ricky Tomlinson. Other papers have picked the story up too and the source seems to be a local rag in Chester based off the back of a pub opening.
CammoInglis118 posts since 26 Feb 2017
STV Central Reporting Scotland
Tonight's Strike it Lucky is a Forces special, The intro to the episode originally had a Christmas greeting message at the beginning but was cut for some strange reason, Instead it began at Michael Barrymore coming down the stairs as usual like in the normal episodes.
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Neil Jones4,024 posts since 23 Dec 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
This is the 1991 Christmas special on Challenge now (as I write). The original airing is on YouTube and it looks like what's been cut is the reference to Boxing Day and a tutu-wearing dog.

See start of this clip:

The Thames endcap was cut too but that's not unusual these days sadly.
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Thames/Fremantle are usually good at leaving original endcaps in these days, it's just Challenge's showings of Strike It Lucky seem to come from tapes made from the old late 90s/early 00s Challenge TV repeats, which repleaced the Thames endcap with a Pearson one (and removed the Thames frontcap and the animation to the titles from the pre-1988 series by putting the Strike It Lucky logo from later in the titles over the transition), so they seem to be putting the Fremantle logo on to remove the Pearson one.