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New Challenge logo, their 4th in 5 years:

It seems they have a new DOG, not sure about other presentation yet.

EDIT: seems it's all changed - the characters are gone.
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The characters were terrible, I'm glad to see the back of them. Probably Challenge's worst on screen look.

I imagine the DOG is bigger now to accommodate those 4 segments. Shame, the nice thing about Pick and Challenge is that their DOG's were relatively small and in the corner. I trust that's not the case now?

Also, that segmented logo seems familiar....
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Some screenshots

The DOG is initially full colour and includes the full channel name when going into a programme or coming back from the break:


But it quickly changes to single colour and without the full channel name.


Example of a break bumper

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I'm pretty darn happy they've rebranded. Especially when you consider how good the last but one was with the blocky graphics (well i liked them) those characters were absolutely abysmal. Bland logo, very limited range of tiresome idents, and I died a little inside every time I heard "GEE GUHHH". Horrible, horrible presentation and I'm glad to see the back of it.
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