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It looks lovely. There appears to be a nighttime variant appearing at the end of some trailers that feels a little more festive. A subtle christmas soundtrack would have been lovely too. I do like the fact that they use the logo in their idents, christmas appears to be the only time of year that they do.
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Plus the daytime ident
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I'm pretty sure that looks like a trailer endboard for a specific programme that's had a wintery reskin.

That’s true it does look like that, and it is (and the My5 ‘sting’ at the end of trailers is in a similarly Christmassy style), however it is also the ident.

Ah, well that's a bit of a let down. In that case, this will be the first year we see only one C5 Christmas ident (with admittedly two variations) for a few years. And it isn't the most impressive, being static and all.
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Looks like a 3 idents? this one is afternoon? or is this the night time one?

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Sunset in parts of the Uk is 3.45!