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Lester286 posts since 29 Apr 2001
I always thought that because the contract is now with the Met Office that we would now be using the ITV National Weather graphics which are loads better - does anybody know why this is???????
Jason0 post since 13 Dec 2011
Thing is though Westcountry don't use WSI do they? They have their own in-house team, or at least a different company doing it.

I have to say I looked at Central Weather the other day and was not impressed. I lived in Nottingham for over a year and always thought their weather was very sharply produced, now it just looks cheap.

I really hope that YTV/TTTV don't change as well. They have a good set of graphics with nice regionalised looks for each station, sub-regional maps for TTTV and good presenters. It would be a shame if they changed to this mush...
Nick Harvey5,036 posts since 11 Nov 2001
I THOUGHT that too, Jason, but on Wednesday evening it was the usual Westcountry presenter, in the usual studio, with the usual graphics, but there was definitely a little 'Data from WSI' down in the corner.

It's a bit like the transmission and continuity argument, in that the data and the presenter don't necessarily have to come from the same place.

Surely in the 2002 shake-up Westcountry haven't changed TO WSI for their data? Seems unlikely, but I honestly can't remember who, if anyone, was credited on the graphics last year.
Now Carlton have the new admiral sponsorship, they've adopted the main national weather graphics, like LWT. Before they had the old style national weather graphics.

Mark B
Anyone remember that once-familiar announcement,

'Central Weather .... from the Weather Department' (no, really?!)
Which came to mean 'let's go and say hello to Charlie!!'
Mark B
Mark B on 9:01 pm on Jan. 5, 2002
Anyone remember that once-familiar announcement,

'Central Weather .... from the Weather Department'  (no, really?!)
Which came to mean 'let's go and say hello to Charlie!!'

Oh, yes - and...

'The Central 7-day Weatherline ... O Double-Three Six, Forty Forty Ten!' *
When is Carlton going to do something about this awful excuse for a weather forecast. It is dreadful.!!!!* *
Aaron J Tibbett
The pan-regional forecast just before Shortland Street at 1:10pm today was awful!

The weather presenter was standing over Birmingham totally nearly all the way through, Nottingham and Oxford were visible though, but to be honest, it covered the weather more in my area, which is right at the edge of the region to East of Oxford a bit, more than it did Birmingham, because you couldn't see it!
If you look carefully at the map's labelling you can see that Birmingham is marked on to far west, and Oxford should be at the same level, but under Nottingham.

From where they have the symbols, they aren't giving weather for:

- the Welsh borders
- Shropshire
- Hereford and Worcester
- Lincol
- Peterborough in Cambridgeshire and environs

I know it is the broadcaster for the central Midlands, ie. the middle of the country, but any need to ignore viewers they may have elsewhere that, according to Carlton, are officially in the Central region?

Sunday evening's forecast was good, as they zoomed through the region as if in 3D (similar to GMTV's own forecasts). They labelled every major town and city in the region, which was an improvement. Can't believe that sub-regional map they used for the Cent. East region with symbols only over the Wash.

Thumbs down to Central Weather generally.