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(January 2002)

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Apologies if someone has already posted something about this but (I can't speak for the South sub-region) but Central Newsweek had a brand new look today.

I seen both East and West and they were both VERY good! East has a new theme (not like the current theme though) and first had a round-up of the weeks news from the newsroom. Before handing back to a studio which is used for interviews. Looked very good!

West though appear to have pulled out all of the stops! The theme is a variation of the main one but with electric guitar - sounds fab and you get nice white titles with days of the week in the titles instead of the presenters. You still get to see the Central Studio's in Birmingham as well.

Also the programme now has two presenters - Joanne Malin and Andy Bevan presented this week from the main studio and also Mark Bolton dropped in to review the sport. They also had a couple of interviews.

The programme really is good now, and is less just a re-hash of the weeks clips. If you are in the region then it's well worth watching. Also, you get a good bit of banter between Andy and Jo.

Both programmes are still signed and subtitles BTW, but East and West both have completely different looks. Can anyone in the Central News South tell us if there was a new look for them as well?

All in all - it's fantastic and it's certainly one up on the BBC which don't bother with a roundup of the week's news. A much needed improvement to the old format.
The new CNweek (west) is so much better. I always thought it was really pants how it was just an 'omnibus' of the week's main CN@6 stories.

Now it actually has a sense of direction. Instead of just showing the stories as they were shown on the day they broke, it has finally occured to Carlton B'ham to mention any subsequent developments. Despite the fact that I hate sport, I am glad to that it is also now reviewed as opposed to just news - if it was valid as news during the week, then why not for the weekly review programme? And having two anchors per show, so that it is not a boring banter-free-zone.

There is so much I like about it - aspecially that the picture is not zoomed away as much as before, allowing the space for in-vision subtitles to be no bigger than is absolutely necessary (as opposed to the vast area of blackness of the old look). And of course the signer is also using a minimum of screen space.

Top marks all round!!!!! (slight grudge about title sequence: the images in grid-squares that fly past with the days of the week do so far too quickly, so it's hard to tell what the images are - I could tell that Monday is Big Ben and one of the other days is a computer keyboard (Thursday?), but didn't cath the rest)

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