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tvmercia on 2:58 pm on Jan. 21, 2002
that would be pointless, the stories would be too irrelevant to the rest of the viewers.  when there is a story about shrewsbury on central west - people dont mind in b'ham, as its not that far away.  but what would the people in peterbrough do?... they'd switch off.  the region is vast - 100 miles from nottingham to oxford, 50 miles between birmingham & notts, 60 miles between birmingham and oxford.

if they did that, 1/3 of the viewers would be unhappy throughout

I take your point, and it's something I've thought of - but I don't usually watch Central News East precisely because there's no stories of any interest at all! I'd rather hear about a big story happening in Birmingham, than boring non-stories in Nottingham.
Southern Television
Forget differences between Central East & West. Central News South is completely different to either with a very different theme tune and purple colour scheme for titles and graphics.
The presenters, who have just celebrated 13 years together, the longest-serving team in any ITV region, sit behind a desk. They ran the original titles a couple of weeks ago as part of a retrospective. There are no TV monitors in the studio, inlay graphics are used instead.
They also regularly read out e-mails from viewers and do not have sport every night.
The presenters occasionally thank the announcer linking-in to them by name.
Regional Newshound
Central News South covers Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Bucks, Northamptonshire and Hereford and Worcester. It's main Newsroom and studio is based in Abingdon (Oxfordshire), but also has news gathering centres in Gloucester and Swindon.

The new look that has been introduced on Central East and West has not been replicated here. Although the Newsweek programme got slighly different graphics and titles , we continue to have only one presenter and the overall style of the programme is the same. Although the Central News at Six team is fantastic, the current look is not an improvement on their last. Anyone know if there are any plans to make the Abingdon service the same as the other two news programmes. I would also be interested to know how Central South fair in the ratings??
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tvmercia on 12:34 am on Jan. 21, 2002

im suprised you dont pick up central east on analogue kat, as they broadcast to parts of lincolnshire

It's a bit of an oddity this. My home in Boston is too far away to receive pictures from the Lincoln relay transmitter and, being in possession of an internal (attic) aerial, it means that our reception strength is lower than those of our neighbours and other people on my estate. They remain able to receive both Waltham and B***ont (censored) signals, yet we only appear to be able to receive the B-ont (censored) one, which is the strongest in this area. We are further hampered by a strip of higher land about half an hour west of us called the Lincoln Edge, which weakens our already comparatively weak signal still further.

I would guess that the majority of televisions in the town are tuned to B-ont, as the shops stock more of the Yorkshire/Tyne Tees than the Midlands version of all listings magazines, and we sometimes fall into the trap of getting the 'wrong one'. Oddly though, most of the villages between 5-15 miles to the north and north-east of Boston appear able to receive only Central and East Midlands Today. This is due to a range of hills called The Wolds. Villages at the foot of these do not receive any signal at all from B-ont due to the way the land lies, and instead get Waltham. My mum's friend who lives nearby to East Keal is affected, and will only be able to get Look North once the regions begin on BBC1.