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Well, rumours are rife that Central News (West) is to be given a Central News (East) style makeover.

Well, the first faint glimmers of the Americanised style of CN(E) could be said to have been showing on CN(W) tonight - and that was even before the main programme started!

In the 17:35ish trail, tonight's presenter Joanne Malin ended by saying 'So why don't you join me, Guy and Bob for Central News at Six, in half an hour?'.

Very informal...

btw 'Guy' = Guy Smith (correspondent who was going to be reporting live from some event); 'Bob' = Bob Hall (sports presenter).
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AHHHHHH! So thats what she meant!

I thought she meant Bob Warman! I was thinking that they could be truly returning to two presenter but no such luck. Sad YET! Very Happy

Come on new Central News West, if its good, you might convince Midlands Today to become slightly good again! Until it happens (about half past hell freezes over) I think I'll stick with East Midlands Today and possibly one of the 5 other regions. Wink
I do hope a re-vamped CN(W) will bring with it a return to the good old two-presener format!

Bob or Joanne seem awfully lonely in that broom cupboard, and (as someone has previosly pointed out in this very forum) they cheer up no end whn the sports presenter arrives.

I haven't actally watched CN@6 for ages cuz it sucks so badly. But when the first cut down to only one MAIN presenter, the SILLY thing was that the other one of the two anchors (Bob Warman, Joanne Malin) would appear briefly in the middle of the programme for the news roundup section. Albeit that the roundup presenter was in a virtual studio, not at he main desk. I presume that something similar is still the case.

So, if both Warman and Malin are IN THE CARLTON B'HAM BUILDING whilst the show's on air, why not have them BOTH presenting it?!?!?!Confused

It's utter madness!

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