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Although it never seems to get much of a mention on this site, Central News South has got to be far the best regional news service available. We have a professionally presented programme presented by Anne Dawson and Wesley Smith who have remained with the programme since it launch in 1989 and presentation has always been slick. A regional programme called '24 hours' spent a day in the life of the Central Newsroom. During this programme, it was stated that Central South was the most popular regional news programme in the country.

It is a real shame that we don't see the two presenters on many other regional/networked programmes! They would have been excellent as a replacement for Richard and judy on This Morning or on GMTV.

Does anyone know if Carlton has any plans to give the news service from Abingdon a new look, similar to that of the programmes from Birmingham and Nottingham??
tvmercia3,605 posts since 16 Sep 2001
when (which probably wont be for ages) bob warman retires, i reakon wesley will be moved to birmingham, he did an excellant job filling in for a week, a while ago.