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(July 2001)

rob Founding member Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
MikeG posted:
Sorry mate, I'm just getting used to the boards, I just wanted to put a few words in bold but it wouldn't let me!

Ah, i see..
Mark. I asked Phil caradous the editor (who has fridays off...)and he was really nice and said that i couldnt do work experience but i could spend the day there..Only i went on away the next day and Only just remeberd now..have to see if the offer is still open...
Bad news for those who don't like the Central New East style...

The man behind the programme has moved to Central News West, where he says he plans to relaunch it in the autumn with a 'similar' format to the one he has been developing in Nottingham.

It was announced in the Press Gazette this week.
Square Eyes Founding member
Having watched the clip of Central News East at the top of this topic, I have to say, it must have been a quiet day for news in the East Midlands. The main headline is something like :

'Taken to court and fined because his fence is the wrong shade of grey'

Yuck, regional tv at it's worst.
Isonstine Founding member London London
They plan to relaunch Central News West!


Thank God! Its about time, I actually really like the style of Central News East and has been better than Central News West for a good while now.

Anythings better than that spinning star! Wink
harshy Founding member
I like Central News East, it's a shame that I can't watch it because I live in West Yorkshire, why can't Calendar get themselves a massive studio, and put some mind blowing graphics!
Yes it's about time Central News West got a new look - its so boring. They should bring back two presenters - Bob Warnam cheers up no end when the sports presenter perches on the end of the tiny desk and he no longer has Llewlella Bailey now she's at Central News East. They need a bigger studio - CITV pinched it for their huge set. Hope it is as good as the look they had in 1997. The theme music and titles are still my favourite for a local news programme (excluding the BBC Generics). Memories....
(From Round the Regions Site at
I raelly don't understand Central News (East)'s sofa/desk combo. Why not have seperate 'hard' and 'soft' areas to the studio (like East Midlands Today)?

By the way, I live in Central News (West)/Midlands Today region. I HATE how tiny Central News (West)'s studio is!!! And that it only has ONE anchor each night at 18:00-18:30. Unlike Central News (East and South), there used to be THREE anchors, who would appear in different combinations of two on any one night (Bob Warman, Joanne Malin, Llewella Bailey). When Llewella moved to Central News (East) to cover for Marie's absence, she wasn't replaced with anyone on Central News (West), so we now had just 2 anchors.

When Marie returned, Dominic jumped ship to East Midlands Today, so Llewella stayed at Central News (East) and therefore never back 'home'.
Isonstine Founding member London London
I agree!

Bring back the 1997 music and set. It was a fantastic look and the best theme I've ever heard and it seems a lot more friendly.

The trouble with only anchor is there is no-one to banter with after reports and so on. It just makes the programme SO boring.

Come on Carlton, don't be mean to Bob. Give him a co-presenter at a proper desk and not at a coffee table.

As for the Central News East sofa/desk its actually a very good idea. As for the BBC with its hard and soft stories. They want them to seem detatched from the rest of the news. With Central News East, they can do both in one place and also presenters are more relaxed.
mark Founding member London London
Am I right in thinking that Central News West has had a recent-ish relaunch? I saw a bit of a bulletin the other day and it looked like the backdrop was a live shot of Birmingham (a bit like the BBC). I agree that the 1997 CNW was excellent - especially the bit at the very beginning with Bob perched on the edge of the desk and Michelle sitting behind him. I can't believe they messed it up as much as they did later on! But I have to say that I love the current CNW music - probably my favourite news theme to date.
All short Central News West programmes are filmed with a virtual background. They used to use a shot of the yellow stars that are on the set of the main programme but now they use a still picture of Birmingham. Quite funny really - it was sunny on the background during the report the other day and it was actually raining buckets there. They use the virtual set now for Travel Update at 6.25 as well. The main programme is still the same - although Bob now does some reports with a virtual background but its still very poor. Perhaps Nick Owen off Midlands Today can lend Bob some jokes to brighten the programme up. Smile

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If Central News (West) were given a larger set, I think CITV would have to move to Nottingham.

I say that because Carlton's Birmingham building is SO small that I can't imagine that there is more than the one studio there!

I think that the downstairs is just reception, the 'gallery' and the Central News/CITV studio, and upstairs is the newsroom (Yes, it's only a TWO storey building, as well as having a small ground area!).

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