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I was watching an old tape the other day of the Central Morning Supplement - who remembers this from the early 80's?

Basically it was Central's idea of linking programmes in the school holidays. The announcer in question, and it would either be - Gary Terzza, Simon Willis, Linda Cunningham or Helen Loyd, would in-between the shows talk about what's on events and also have a go at making stuff as in Blue Peter style.

I have a great moment of Simon Willis making a paper hat, but they were restricted in the fact that they were only seated on the setee in the continuity studio, hence folding paper and using glue on their lap was not easy to do.

These 'in-vision' links lasted anything from1 min to 4 mins duration.

Hilarious, cringe worthy, but local continuity at its errrr...... best Surprised)